Many athletes use anabolic steroids for growth of muscle mass.

To 20 repetitions go in your favor, you should act very cautiously. Among the " real " men there is a stupid tradition to tear the navel. Where I can buy steroids online? ( " Take a weight that you can lift only ten times in a row, and take up his twenty! " ) In the first place, it is absolutely unnecessary tougher training regime, and secondly, such a folly increases the likelihood of injury. Use a soft, progressive approach. Start with a weight that you can lift forty times in a row, but stop for a twenty. Added 2.5 kg per week, until you feel that you can only do 25 reps in a row. But, again, it goes to the limit should not, stop for a twenty. Then add on a week of 1.5 kg or a kilogram.

Of course, you have to train hard, but do not lay out a hundred percent, something must be left in reserve. Testosterone is a steroid anabolic hormone and it belongs from the group of androgen. It is better to work on an extra couple of months and make slow but steady progress than to beat all its records for 6-8 weeks and then " burn " .

I'll give you two scenarios of behavior in the gym, and you choose what suits you more. The script first.

The use of anabolic steroids is widespread in the world of sport.

" For real men " . Starting weight is absolutely on the brink of an athlete features. Assume 130 kg . And repeats - 20!Athlete completely broken, foot ache, lower back aches, he fears that never in my life will not repeat his record, but the whole week of the brave, and came to the gym, twenty consecutive squats with a barbell weighing 132 kg . To choose bodybuilding means to choose your own health and beauty. Then it all week in a row have nightmares about the squats, but by the end of the seventh day the pain subsides, and the guy aims to lift 135 kg . However osilivaet only 18 repetitions. Nightmare! Catastrophe! Especially the last two squats were performed anyhow.A week later, the muscles still ache, but " real Maine " takes up the post. And yet, in spite of the hot excitement of the fans again stuck at 18 repetitions, and then broken in body and soul refuses this mode. The result is pitiable: This trauma and the hatred of the training program, which theoretically can be extremely productive.

But the second scenario, sober. Start with 112 kg . Do squats 20 times, with a break must be sufficiently long. Then five consecutive weeks follow a program of sit-ups once a week, every week by adding 2, 5 kg . After five weeks, you will have the strength to sit down twenty times with a 125-pound barbell. It will, of course, difficult, but do not require you to limit exertion. You are physically and mentally adjust to the difficulties and begin to enjoy the pleasure of overcoming them.When this happens, remove the small wheels and start to add every week for 1 kg . After five weeks, you run twenty squats with a 130-pound barbell. Do you want to know how much anabolic steroids cost? Yes, you are, of course, spend ten weeks taking weight, which in theory could take immediately, but lay the foundation for further progress and will be ready to move forward. After another five weeks you've overpower135 kg , and it will not be the limit.

Among all anabolic steroids, the most popular anabolics are analogues of testosterone.

Another five weeks - and you will be under the force of 20 squats with a weight of 140 kg , and again some forces will remain in reserve. You should choose your healthy lifestyle and buy steroids online as soon as you can. Performing a damn difficult job, you will not be completely out of steam. And another ten weeks of slow but steady and secure forward overpower " magical " 150 kg . This outstanding record for people with " slabootzyvchivymi "muscles! And you will still be a stock for the future, and if you decide to continue the program, you can achieve even better results.

So what better way to twenty times in a row to perform squats or deadlifts - conservative or " like a man " ?

However, I wrote about the " real man " - is the childish pranks compared with that get up some " tough guys " . I have described the intense squats just once a week, and sometimes, people toiling three times. And trying to add on 2.5 kg ofalmost every workout. For the majority of fans - is a direct path to the grave.

As to the question when to perform sets of 20 repetitions, then there are two options. Have you ever thought about buying anabolic steroids? First, you can start training with them (after warm-up) when you do a lot of energy. And, secondly, the exercises may be, on the contrary, to leave at the end, because after twenty repetitions, you will most likely no longer anything will not be able.

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